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I suppose Evolution is partly what the films are all about. The miracle of natural selection and the beauty that the passage of time has created on earth are what inspire me. Discoveries of fossilised butterflies (this year of a complete Metalmark in Dominican amber) continue to add to our understanding of the origins of butterflies. DNA studies are enriching our views of the relationships between different genera. Our appreciation of the complexity and antiquity of the insect world grows quite dramatically every year.

At the same time, every year in the course of “development” we increase the risk of destroying more and more species. I would like the films help us move forward to a state where we understand and love our planet well enough to be willing to forgo some of the benefits of “development” in order to preserve more of its beauty. I think that has to be the way forward for us if we are to avoid catastrophe in many areas.

But in case that never happens, I would like to record as much as possible of the butterfly world as it exists in our lifetime - before I am too old to get close up to a butterfly.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 February 2008 10:18