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Wonders of the East - the butterflies of Malaysia DVD cover image

2010 40 minutes DVD (region-free)

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Produced from a 6-week tour of the main butteerfly habitats of West and East Malaysia in 1997, the film lives an imaginary day in the lives of 120 of its butterflies. You will find yourself in many lovely locations; Langkawi island and Penang Hill in the north; through Taman Negara National Park, Genting, Kuala Selangor and the Cameron Highlands in mainland Malaysia; to Mulu National Park and Mount Kinabalu in Sabah on Borneo (East Malaysia).


The "Extras" section of the DVD shows footage shot in 16mm Kodachrome of the lovely Tree Nymphs gliding throuh the trees on Penang Hill; a big group of Malaysia's naional butterfly, the Raja Brooke's Birdwing, puddling ny the river at Kula Woh Park at the foor of the Cameron Higjhlands; and a freshly emerged group of swallowtails by the river in Taman Negara National Park.

The film is dedicated to the Malaysia Nature Society to help their efforts to raise awareness of the country's outstanding natural heritage and so preserve its many beautiful forests and river locations from falling prey to commercial development.