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Palawan... Butterfly Paradise DVD cover image

2004 42 minutes DVD (region-free)

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One of our favourite 'regional'  films "Palawan… Butterfly Paradise" is now on DVD, and you can buy it here.

Not many travellers to the east finish up on the Philippines’ best-preserved and remotest island, Palawan. So it’s all the better to be able to see its butterfly treasures on film.

And it’s a place rich in little-known species including a fine Golden Birdwing and an exquisite endemic species of the Rajah Brooke Birdwing

How and why these butterflies arrived on this remote place, and where they probably came from in the millions of years since Palawan split off from the Asian mainland far to the north – these are among the themes of this beautiful film.

Relax and enjoy the beaches, forest and butterflies of this unusual and sheltered Garden of Eden.

As David Attenborough commented:

"As with all your films… it brings an extraordinary tranquil joy and unhurried contemplative pleasure… sheer delight… One can watch it again and again"