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2004 42 minutes DVD (region-free)

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Ever since my first sight of the great Kangchenjunga range in 1962, I have wanted to make a film of the butterflies of Sikkim against the background of the Himalayan peaks. In 2006 Pat and I managed a short trip, into Sikkim, and the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, which once was also part of greater Sikkim.

You can see the results in our latest film, "In the shadow of Kangchenjunga", just released on DVD (January 2009).

Made to help Sikkim schools introduce young people to the beauties and wonders of that marvellous country's natural heritage, the film runs for 35 minutes and presents a lively selection of its butterflies. As always it is shot close up, and brings the riches of the butterflies vividly to life, as well as the valleys and forests of the Himalayan foothills