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1996 50 minutes DVD (region-free)

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Over 500 copies sold! A fine introduction to the immense diversity of butterfly life in the Neotropics.

This film gives a graphic account of the species to be seen in a day around the Inn, situated in the upper reaches of the Amazon Basin.


120 species of the little-seen butterflies of Peru, filmed at the famous Tambopata Reserve where over 1200 species have been recorded. Natural footage of many Metalmarks, Ithomiids and Lycaenids never filmed before; and a massive assemblage of Swallowtails on the banks of the River Madre de Dios.

The Tambopata Reserve is well-known as one of the ‘hot-spots’ for biodiversity in Latin America, and was chosen as the only location this film, where we spent 2 months in late 1995 filming, every day in the forest around Explorers Inn, - then the only Lodge available for visitors on the Madre de Dios River (there are now 26!).

“Diversity in the Rainforest”