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New addition to the World's Butterflies DVD series...October 2011

Brought to you now in collaboration with the newly-opened North American Butterfly Association's National Butterfly Center near Mission, Texas, this film was shot by us in 2001, during a 3-week stay on the Reserves along the Rio Grande, on the US border with Mexico.

The area is well-known for its late-summer flowering of Eupatorium, the purple flower known also as Boneset, in the Aster family, Asteraceae, which attracts many species of butterflies. Many North American and a few global species are joined by Central American species and others from as far south as Peru, Brazil and Argentina - a unique mingling of the Nearctic and Neotropical Regions' populations, along with world mgrants like the Painted Lady, the American Lady and the Red Admiral.

The new Center, which was being planned when the film was shot, is ideally placed to attract butterfly watchers all year, as many Nearctic species are to be seen there and in Southern Florida all year round.

The film gives you a vivid account of the wealth and variety of butterflies to be seen there, in a small area, in a very varied range of Reserves,  in September- October. Temperatures are high but the Rserves offer plenty of shade and varied habitats, as well as guides highly qualified to help find the butterflies.

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