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Welcome to the only website to offer hours of butterflies, ALIVE, and in their NATURAL HABITATS

At Cinebutterflies we offer you the chance to experience the butterflies of the tropics as they could be seen before the forests went. No need to travel to see them, and add to the globe's carbon overload. Just watch them at home, in comfort.

After 25 years of offering our films for sale, first as VHS tapes and then as DVDs, we have now decided to make them available, while stocks last. as free offers but inviting customers to make a donation to cover postage and help us continue to publish new materials as and when we can.

  • A choice of 9 films on DVD – all of butterflies of different parts of the world, with a special one on colour in butterflies all over the world, completed in 2013 and acclaimed by Natural Hiatory Museum and international audiences in 2014.
  • The story of how our series on The World’s Butterflies has grown and changed since we began in the 1970s
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"Gilded Butterflies, and the Secrets of their Scales" PDF Print E-mail

Gilded Butterflies and the secrets of their scales DVD cover image

2013 52 minutes DVD (region-free)

Click here to play a preview

Starting from the material collected on film over the past many years, we here present the first-ever film account of the fascinating and amazing world of colour generation in, and on, the scales on the wings of the world’s butterflies.

Hardly ever described, though essential to survival, the butterfly’s colours and how they are made have become in our generation a significant area of research and application, one of the fields of biomimetics or reverse engineering, in which we try to understand such processes and then reproduce and apply them artificially.

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"Butterflies in Close-up" PDF Print E-mail

New addition to the World's Butterflies DVD series...October 2011

Brought to you now in collaboration with the newly-opened North American Butterfly Association's National Butterfly Center near Mission, Texas, this film was shot by us in 2001, during a 3-week stay on the Reserves along the Rio Grande, on the US border with Mexico.

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"Wonders of the East - the Butterflies of Malaysia" PDF Print E-mail

Wonders of the East - the butterflies of Malaysia DVD cover image

2010 40 minutes DVD (region-free)

Click here to play a preview

Produced from a 6-week tour of the main butteerfly habitats of West and East Malaysia in 1997, the film lives an imaginary day in the lives of 120 of its butterflies. You will find yourself in many lovely locations; Langkawi island and Penang Hill in the north; through Taman Negara National Park, Genting, Kuala Selangor and the Cameron Highlands in mainland Malaysia; to Mulu National Park and Mount Kinabalu in Sabah on Borneo (East Malaysia).

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Climate change and the world's butterflies... PDF Print E-mail

Climate change is creeping slowly onwards year by year

Governments came together in Panama in October 2011 for their last meeting before the climate summit in Durban, South Africa in December.

Critical issues need to be addressed if the negotiations are to be successful.

  • Latest figures by the United Nations show the world is heading towards up to 5 degrees warming - with devastating impacts for people and the planet.
  • The poorest people in the world are already being hit by climate change.
  • Rich developed countries are providing little or nothing to help those being affected.
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