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Welcome to Cinebutterflies PDF Print E-mail

For 27 years we have been producing films which are

  • scientifically rigorous
  • beautiful and moving

  • historically interesting and pertinent to our time

After 25 years of offering our films for sale, first as VHS tapes and then as DVDs, we have now decided to make them available to view free on-line. This process will be completed by the end of 2017.

Since 1995, these films have been presenting a selection of the world’s butterflies, especially those in the rainforests, as they could still be seen, under threat from the impact of climate change, at the close of the 20th and opening of the 21st centuries. They are filmed entirely in natural surroundings, often in close-up, sometimes heightened by music specially commissioned, but appropriate to the culture of the location.

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1- “Beauty… for Survival?” PDF Print E-mail

1995,  42 minutes


Click to view film

Filmed in 16mm Kodachrome, shows living butterflies from many parts of the world, and illustrates the different ways in which a butterfly's appearance can increase its chances of survival.

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2- “Diversity in the Rainforest” PDF Print E-mail

1996,  50 minutes

Over 500 copies sold! A fine introduction to the immense diversity of butterfly life in the Neotropics.

Shot on Kodachrome, has 50 minutes of the amazing butterflies of Peru.

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3- “Butterflies in close-up: in the Valley of the Lower Rio Grande” PDF Print E-mail

1996,  50 minutes


Click here to play a preview

A delight to watch, and a fascinating insight into the diversity of the marvellous butterflies of Southern Texas - Sir David Attenborough
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4- "Wonders of the East - the Butterflies of Malaysia" PDF Print E-mail


Wonders of the East - the butterflies of Malaysia DVD cover image

1998,  39 minutes

Showing over 120 species of the magnificent butterflies to be seen in Malaysia, from the islands to the north of the Peninsula to the forests of Borneo in the far south.


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